Integrated Media is a media and marketing company that produces media and content in traditional print as well as cutting-edge digital deliveries. We have not only created publishing platforms but also websites and of course social media integration. More than just a content and creative generator, we understand marketing, brands and economic and market relevance.

We created and developed CHEERS the largest liquor lifestyle magazine in SA to represent the TOPS at SPAR group. The custom title’s main objective is to grow the TOPS at SPAR basket and has been doing this successfully for the past 10 years. Edited since inception by Fiona McDonald and supported by the industries top wine, beer and liquor voices. We have also developed an excellent website to support the magazine that after 8 years in print has been successfully migrated to a digital only publication.

In 2008, Integrated Media launched Whisky magazine (South Africa) and still hosts the local website along with an e-commerce platform under the Whisky Shop banner.

We are proud publishers of SA's well established MTB publication: FULL SUS #MTB. The title was started as a monthly newspaper in half-tab newsprint format - dedicated solely to MTB and self-distributed nationally through local bike shops, events and selected outlets nationally. In print form it was distributed as far as Botswana and Namibia. As a result of the global pandemic and the route to market being closed, the publication moved to digital only and is now available globally on our cutting-edge digimag, website and socials.


We are truly proud to be chosen as the publisher for the first digital magazine for the “Tour de France” of mountain biking, the ABSA Cape Epic. The ABSA Cape Epic Event Guide was released as four chapters culminating in one issue – showcasing the versatility of the digital format. Not only has digital allowed immediate changes to the Guide, it has also allowed for full analytics – which is great for both the event and sponsors. The ABSA Cape Epic will also be doing a daily mini-mag – putting content directly into the hands of the participants and greater audience – allowing in-depth content, links, pics and updates on a daily basis – linked directly to mobile, desktop and tablet.

We are currently developing Southern Africa’s first B2B media platform for the liquor industry. To be launched in the last quarter of 2021, along with strategic partners, BIZLIQUOR is set to be a hub for news, employment, press boxes, industry directory and producers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and brand or product content and information. We can’t wait!

We are a small, intimate and loyal communications, marketing and media company. We don’t want 1000’s of clients. 100 would do nicely but in fact we are quite happy with 10! We pride ourselves in doing excellent work, always putting the client and their objectives first, while ensuring our knowledge and expertise deliver the best possible results.

Let’s have a chat over coffee or perhaps a wee dram! The worst that can happen is that we leave as friends.